Proud & Propitious Opening !

16 Nov 2017 – Grand Opening of VGI Global Media & Titanium Compass.

As the ribbon is snipped away, pride and joy glitter in every face!

May your Grand Opening load you with lots of name & fame, and wishing you good luck in reaching the top of your game.

Felicitations to these leading corporations of highest impact lifestyle media networks & solutions !!!

LG – #LiveIsGreat

(High 10 & thumbs-up to F1, the entire Work Team & all crews !!!!!!!!! )
















Work Hard, Play Smart – OneSubSea !

15 Dec 2017 – Thistle Hotel Nusanjaya Johor Bahru

3D Photobooth, luscious Chocolate Wall, vibrant Mocktail, Dragron Beard Candy Demo, brain-blowing Games, glitzy fireworks, glittering Mirror Man show, fabulous Beatles, colorful Talent Show, wild & wet Best Dressed Contest, Lucky Draw & many more….

A super eye-opening and exuberant 10th Anniversary gala fiesta jubilee for a super dynamic oil and gas megacorp.

As the hundreds of long service staffs proudly pranced in the grand ballroom to receive their laurel and accolade, and as the others assiduously put up the most galvanizing talent performances, with the Top Management lavishly honoring & rewarding all the staffs, I truly realized the saying “Happy Employee, Happy Company” !!

Thanks for having me !

Love what you do
Do what you love

LG – #LiveIsGreat

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A Clouet Promoters & Merchandisers Rock !

15 Aug 2017 – Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Spunky, sporting & spontaneous Ayam Brand’s promoters & merchandizers from all over Malaysia congegrated and celebrated their super achievement past 1 year after all sweat, tears, toil and moil.

Through a multitude of entertainment, activities, dance, singing, acting, games, quiz, contests and performances, all let go, let loose, let their hair down and painted the town RED, coincidentally with their glitzy ritzy Event Theme of “Glamorous Red Night”.

An zestful and kaleidoscopic night of entertainment, enlightenment & exuberance.

Thank you for having me again to host your glamorous events a few years in a row, and a few times in a year.

Rarely do you find clients’ key person in the like of Group CEO who publicly in speeches to the crowd, lavishly heaping accolades on an emcee for job well delivered. To me, it is the most invaluable recognition and gratifying laurel. Thank you Sir.


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Glitzy Ritzy Night by the Hills by the Lakes …

12 August 2017 – Jade Hills Resort Club, Kajang.

An exclusively priviledged evening set amidst tranquil & verdant greeneries by gardens, hills & lakes.

A spectacular soiree in a exquisite ornate hall, with delectable fine dining, heavenly songs & music from live band, vibrant peppy live cooking demo.

The effervescently flamboyant celebrity Chef Wan brought the house down even more with his 3 exclusive dishes, marinaded with his endless satrical humor & jocularity.

These glitzy ritzy sensation & wondrous moments will be remembered & re-lived by all present there for a very long long time.

Thanks for having me.




I Have a Ayam, I Have a Brand – A … Ayam Brand !!!

24 Feb 2017 – Le Meridien Hotel KL

It’s a mixed emotion of jubilation & nostalgic pride to emcee the historic 125 Years Gala Celebration for my favorite food brand since my childhood days …. which nurtured & nourished my whole family in those trying times.

An intoxicating nite of elegance, enlightenment & exuberance.

Thank you for having me again to host your glorious events a few years in a row.

LG – Life is Great.


Go Go Go, Go for Gold !!

19 Feb 2017 – RUYI & Lynn, Bangsar

Happy staffs,
happy bosses
Make more profit,
double bonuses.

Thumbs up to FULLHOME – giving the buyers a HOMEFUL of bliss & peace; giving its staffs a HEAPFUL of abundance & opportunity.

My honor to be your emcee at your 11th Anniversary Gala Party.

May we cross path again, soon, proudly & heartily.

LG – Life is Great



Change Your Water, Change Your Life !!

16 Nov 2016 – Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center

2400 accomplished distributors, inspiring achievers, top leaders & guests from UK, Russia, Oman, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sinapore & Malaysia etc gathered.

They reminded me how critical good water is for a robust health.

They further enlightened me good water can enrich one’s life physically, spiritually & financially.

A thrillingly enticing night of songs, dance, talent showcase, food, drinks, awards, recognition & uplifting sharings …

Change Your Water, Change Your Life.

Life is Great




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Eye Care for Everyone – Clearer Vision & Better World

5 Nov 2016 – KL Hilton Hotel

Hosted the Launch Symposium for one of the most trusted & establised Eye Care companies in the globe.

A hallroom full of accomplished eye specialists, doctors, medical practitioners & healthcare professionals gathered to celebrate the official launch of its brand new breakthrough premium eye lubricant.

Make people see clearer.
Make the world look better.
Make our lives feel happier.

LG – Life is Great.


All & Whole in One – One Coin One Life

4 Sep 2016 Renaissance Hotel JB

Entertained & engrossed the 500+ of eager beaver investors hailing from Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsula Malaysia etc.

Wowed the audience with smooth polished instantaneous live translation for the various presentation & sharing made by the World No.1 MLM Income Earner & other top leaders.

Job well executed. Pad on my ow n shoulder. Time to chillax & cheers !






Good Darts ! Phoenix Eye ! Game On !

24 Sep 2016

“Good Darts !”, “Hat Trick !”, “Phoenix Eye!” – cheered & echoed among 200 Darting aficionados & enthusiats, in the cosy Ballroom of Temasek Hotel Melaka.

An exhilarating Kumamoto Charity Dinner night displaying Darting skills & arts, as well as hearty humanity and compassion rendered to the needies & victims of Kumamoto earthquake victims.

I was awed, i was thrilled.
I unlearnt, i learnt, i relearnt.

Perhaps i shall pick up darting, soon.

An emcee job well delivered. A pad on my chest.

GAME ON !!! … Grace !!!!14446102_10207817866386729_7571003808255683159_n

14359148_10207817875906967_6177613582805681922_n 14368697_10207817871026845_3048149518828944047_n 14368785_10207817869466806_6086762242889540006_n 14449015_10207817874066921_1375030511909555252_n