Sunday with Sun & Fun !

25 Aug 2019 – Raintree Club KL

A summer Sunday full of super sun, duper fun, uber stun & mega stunts.

Indeed the best day is the day spent with family, friends & loved ones.

Always a pleasure & bliss working with Raintree.


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Sing to Unite, Enjoy for Charity

We make a normal living by what we get for ourselves, but a great life by what we give to others ∼ Winston Churchill

600 kind souls congregated in the good name of & for the noble cause to raise funds to develop the youths, enhance the education & care for the underprivileged.

Everyone deserves a rainbow in their hearts, a pair of wings on their shoulders, to soar to the stars, to reach the moon & shine like the sun.

Thank you TAA & TARUC for entrusting me, AGAIN, to host your notable events consecutively & successively.

滴水穿坚石, 爱心美天下。 尚德慈善,是立人之本, 竖家之基; 是興业之道, 是茂国之标。

15 June 2019 – Top Happiness Grand Ballroom, Mines 2, The Mines Resort City.

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TARUC Color The World, Once Again !

MARCH 9, 2019 – Bangi Avenue Convention Centre –TARUC 50th Anniversary Celebration.

A terrifically rain-blowing, paradigm-shifting and awe-inspiring exposure by hosting for and commanding the 1800 eminent mogul, accomplished magnate, world class king pin, illustrious leaders in the fields of Business and Entrepreneurship, Professional, Government / Public Services. NGOs /Community Services, Academician, Literature / Journalism.



Thank you for having me for 5 years in a row. TARUC & TAA – kudos, bravo, keep rocking and long live !








TU.5 (1)







TU.5 (2)

Colors of TARUC … 4th Year in a Row !

18 Mac 2018 – Hao Xiang Chi Setia Alam



教育是指引我们前行的明灯, 社会良心的底线,人类灵魂的净土,是立国之本,是强国之基。

Education edifies us to service our alma mater with solidarity, to serve our community in esprit de corps.

To give is to love;
To share as we care.
U 50 and I 50,
Make A Perfect Pair.

Thank you for having me for 4 years in a row. TARUC & TAA – kudos, bravo, keep rocking and long live !

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Sing for Solidarity, Unity & Charity …

17 Sep 2017 – GBR the Place@OneCity – Sing for Unity Charity Concert (with the De Lanerolle Brothers).

“In essentials, unity; in differences, liberty; in all things, charity.” ~ Philipp Melanchthon

A kaleidoscopic night of unity, charity, solidarity and humanity cushioned on an intoxicating cocktail of 2 full hours of music presentation and singing performance, brought up by the internationally illustrious iconic De Lanerolle Brothers, as well as the local up and coming rising new stars produced by TAR-UC.

850 kind souls conglomerated with the noble cause to raise funds to collectively help build a better world by developing children, enhancing education and improving individuals.

I was moved, I was inspired, i was illuminated, i was humbled.

赠人玫瑰,手有余香 .

Thank you TARUC & TAA for entrusting me again (for a non-TARUC graduate) to host your momentous events a few years in a row, and a few times in a year. To me, no plaudits, recognition and laurel are more valuable than these. Thank you Sir.


(Gratitude to FW, my reliable and meticulous coordinator)











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Flaring up the Colors of TAR-UC !

11 Mac 2017 – Hao Xiang Chi Setia Alam

Am exuberant together with 1000+ ministers, luminaries, dignitaries & alumni.

A vibrant night well spent with splendid music, song, dance, awards, prizes, food & drinks.

Thanks for having me again in 3 years in a row.

Colors of TARUC – progress with unity.

LG – Life is Great.










































When Commerce meets Charity & Breeds Humanity …

13 Jan 2017 – Worldwide Golden Tripod Excellent Awards Recognition Nite cum Charity Dinner @ Loon Sing Johor Bahru

A night of pride & prestige; celebration & charity; entertainment & enrichment; gratitude & glory; giving & sharing, tears & laughter.

An engrossing night with 800 ministers, MPs, public figures, accomplished entrepreneurs, generous souls.


I learnt & am enlightened.

LG – Life is Great



心聚. 缘续.宽柔.长青

17 Sep 2016


500师长同学各分飞30年后,再度齐聚, 续缘,感动,感恩,欢笑,缅怀, 追思, 劲歌,热舞.