When Commerce meets Charity & Breeds Humanity …

13 Jan 2017 – Worldwide Golden Tripod Excellent Awards Recognition Nite cum Charity Dinner @ Loon Sing Johor Bahru

A night of pride & prestige; celebration & charity; entertainment & enrichment; gratitude & glory; giving & sharing, tears & laughter.

An engrossing night with 800 ministers, MPs, public figures, accomplished entrepreneurs, generous souls.


I learnt & am enlightened.

LG – Life is Great



心聚. 缘续.宽柔.长青

17 Sep 2016


500师长同学各分飞30年后,再度齐聚, 续缘,感动,感恩,欢笑,缅怀, 追思, 劲歌,热舞.




Southern University in its 25th !

25 Sep 2015 – a heart-warming auspicious and joyous nite at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL organized by the first Private University established and funded by Malaysian Chinese Community – Southern University, Johor (SUJ).  With great pride, SUJ received and greeted an awe-inspiring 800 dignitaries, alumni,lecturers, tutors, staffs, students and their loved ones and family members to celebrate its 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration.  My uttermost privilege to emcee the entire program in Mandarin.
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Raintree’s Got Talent !

25 July 2015 – what a gala night of jubilation and revelry of great verve when some multi-talented and multiple faceted members of the Raintree Club of Kuala Lumpur congregate at the Club Grand Ball Room, to showcase and blow away the audience with their splendiferous singing talents and styles. Continue reading

Multi-Colors of TAR-UC !

22 Mac 2015 – at the palatial and luxurious Grand Ballroom of the Place @ One City, Subang, 1000 + enthusiastic hearts and passionate souls congregated to celebrate humanity, friendship, esprit de corps and fellowship, embellished by the gracious presence of various dignitaries, luminaries and guests of honor in the like of Ministers, socialites, patricians and public figures.  It was the TARCian Alumni Association CNY cum TAR University College Staffs Appreciation Dinner. Continue reading

A Night of Craze, Fun & Pride at Raintree Club

24 Jan 2015 –  the 16th Annual Raintree Sports & Recreation Awards & Prize Presentation 2014 Dinner Night.

150 members and guests of this exquisite and exclusive businessman family Club – Raintree Club of KL, gleefully assembled together to witness the joyous and auspicious occasion to award their outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen for their outstanding achievements in the various Annual Sports Championships/Tournaments and, at the same time, celebrate and commemorate the members’ friendship, fellowship and esprit de corps.

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