Sing to Unite, Enjoy for Charity

We make a normal living by what we get for ourselves, but a great life by what we give to others ∼ Winston Churchill

600 kind souls congregated in the good name of & for the noble cause to raise funds to develop the youths, enhance the education & care for the underprivileged.

Everyone deserves a rainbow in their hearts, a pair of wings on their shoulders, to soar to the stars, to reach the moon & shine like the sun.

Thank you TAA & TARUC for entrusting me, AGAIN, to host your notable events consecutively & successively.

滴水穿坚石, 爱心美天下。 尚德慈善,是立人之本, 竖家之基; 是興业之道, 是茂国之标。

15 June 2019 – Top Happiness Grand Ballroom, Mines 2, The Mines Resort City.

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