Impromptu Yam Seng with thrills & frills

6 Dec 2014 – First time (after so many moons) attending a wedding reception dinner … as a relaxed guest … not an emcee …. It was my good friend’s daughter tying the knot – a heavenly marriage of 2 doctors consummated cross country between M’sia and Singapore.

From the deco, setting, adornment, stage and the 250 stylishly dressed-up guest, the Ritz Carlton KL Ballroom looked so glitzy, ritzy, flashy and glittery.

But half way through, unexpectedly, I was asked by the host to be on stage to help conducting the champagne popping and joint toasting. With another Toastmaster buddy Andy Ching at my side, Hey I pulled it off, did it fairly decently without any prior preparation, winning much applause and plaudits.

What a magnificent exposure and marvelous experience !

Thank you Daniel, congratulation to Fang Pyng and wishing their angelic princess Sara and her Beau Jason an everlasting love and enamored marriage.



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