Boisterous yet splendiferous night for Anson & Ivy

The auspicious day of 8 Nov 2014.
Just imagine 3000 guests congregating at this Sinchoywah Restaurant Kepong with 7 wedding reception dinners going on simultaneously  !

Though my couple was blessed with just a fraction of this 3000 heads, but their 550 close friends and beloved family members with their earnest and enthusiastic spirit and well-wishes were more than sufficient to melt and touch Anson & Ivy’s heart.  The delightful and divine music by the LIve Band J-Revolution Entertainment and the scrumptious food and drink added incredible spice, color and flavor to this memorable and sensational night.

Oh did i mention that i also did some easy fun magic for the loving Mr & Mrs Anson Seah?

Was deeply touched by the love vibes and amorous ambience … What a great night i had.

Thank you Anson & Ivy for letting me be part of your momentous night ! Till we meet again, have fun, take care and enjoy !

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